Top Social and Digital Marketing Conferences for Small Businesses

There are small business conferences covering a variety of topics across industries and interests these days. The upside of this trend is that you're never too far away from a group of like-minded people eager to learn the same skills as you. The downside is it can become overwhelming to decide on what conferences to go to and what's worth your while. With ticket prices often running well in the thousands (and that's before you add hotel expenses, airfare, meals, parking, etc.), it's not something you want to gamble on.

The following list spotlights five of 2020's top social and digital marketing conferences. Each of them is a great choice for small business owners looking to brush up on their marketing skills. You'll leave with new strategies you can immediately implement to up your online marketing game.


Digital Summit Conferences

Digital Summit is one of the best-known brands in the conference space. This year, they'll host more than two dozen events across the United States, from Phoenix to Philadelphia. Each summit has an impressive lineup of speakers and breakout sessions designed to inspire and educate. Ticket prices are very reasonable and there's a good chance you won't have to travel far to find an event near your area. Because attendees tend to skew local, there's a great chance you'll connect with other entrepreneurs who live nearby — meaning you'll have a built-in support system after the event ends.



Adobe Summit

Adobe's annual summit in Las Vegas (March 29 - April 2, 2020) is designed to benefit small- and medium-sized business owners of all experience levels. There are more than 400 sessions and guided learning sessions ("labs") scattered across 11 distinct tracks over five days. Whether you want to learn more about social networking, email marketing, cross-channel advertising, or anything in between, the Adobe Summit has a dedicated track for you.


Social Media Week

If you're focused on social media knowledge, it's hard to beat Social Media Week. The annual mecca of social enthusiasts in New York City is happening May 5-7 this year. Passes aren't cheap — they can set you back more than $2,000 for full access — but a ticket gets you in front of the biggest names in the business, as well as give you access to strategy sessions and cutting-edge marketing trends that will position you for success well beyond 2020.



With more than 26,000 attendees over four days, HubSpot's Inbound event is one of the biggest marketing gatherings for learners, business owners, and enthusiasts of all skill levels. The annual Boston event, happening August 18 - 21 this year, features more than 250 celebrity and non-celebrity speakers with a focus well beyond its namesake of inbound marketing. It's a great destination for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are focused on digital marketing training. Nearly every presentation at Inbound can be supplemented with one or more courses from the HubSpot Academy (many of them free!) to keep the learning going well after the conference ends.



DigiMarCon is the largest digital marketing conference series in the world with more than a dozen content events. Ticket prices are reasonable, and many conferences include access to ongoing digital content to help support continued learning. The conference is known for its cutting-edge thought leadership on all things digital marketing.


Make the most of attending conferences

Like most things in business, the value you get from a conference will be proportionate to the effort you put in. Figure out what you'd like to learn and identify business goals and priorities. Then, choose events featuring speakers, breakouts, and an agenda that align with your goals — and your budget.

To ensure you'll maximize your investment, check out our suggestions for multiplying your impact before, during, and after each conference.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020