Data Transition Services

DTS is not like most consulting companies whose sales driven focus is putting any resource on any project where the sole focus is increased revenue.  We understand the frustration of losing a consultant on a project after 3 months because they found a gig that payed just slightly better.  Our consultants work for DTS because our staffing model is based on their ability to keep more of their hourly billable rate.  Much more than most other consulting companies.  As a result, our consultants stay with DTS longer and are more engaged.

Our approach is largely based on Steven Covey's habit #2...  Begin with End In Mind.
We take the time upfront to understand what a successful end state looks like for our each of our client's projects.  Before any contracts are signed or any SOWs are drafted, our team assesses the project from multiple areas.
  • Project Objectives...  Are they clearly articulated?
  • The Need...  Is the client's need compatible with our product/service offerings?
  • Timeline...  Is the timeline realistic?
  • Resources...  Does the client have the right team in place?
  • Technology...  Is the project technically sound?
  • Architecture...  Will the architecture support the desired end state?
  • Culture...  Does the client's culture fit well with the DTS culture?
  • After assessing these key areas, we will have a better feel for whether or not the project is a good fit our team.  That's right, we do not take on each and every project.  We have relationships with other consulting firms that we are happy to refer projects that we are not compatible with to.
From there, we work with your team to develop a detailed statement of work with clear success criteria and assemble the DTS project team.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018