Guerrilla LLC

Guerrilla LLC is an independent content company aimed at producing interesting, engaging, and thought provoking stories about minority characters through digital distribution.
“Content production has been evolving exponentially over the past decade due in part to how we view content. We now have direct access to a massive amount of quality entertainment through our digital devices. It’s never been a better time for independent filmmakers and storytellers to get their story to their audience,” said CEO Henry Valdez.
The company’s community giveback program will help expose and teach the youth of New Mexico about digital and sequential arts. Guerrilla LLC will conduct workshops, mentorships and comic giveaways in order to accomplish the company’s community mission.
“I grew up in Santa Fe attending public schools,” Valdez continued. “It’s easy for our children to fall behind. I was a terrible reader most of my youth. The benefits of children reading comics is astonishing. Reading comics can improve literacy, help someone learn a language and expose readers to different genres and subject matter. Our mission is to get more comics and graphic novels in the hands of children while mentoring them in the art forms we specialize in.”
Guerrilla LLC transcends the traditional model of what it means to be a content producer. With the emergence of digital distribution, the company is creating a studio that allows its customers to have access to content directly from the creators. This allows the storytellers to make independent films, series or comics free of unnecessary restrictions.
“Technology has broken down the traditional models of movies and writing. If you wanted to, you could write a script, produce a movie, market your movie and get people to see your movie all from your phone. We’re lucky to live in a time where guerrilla filmmaking and storytelling is available to all no matter your class, race or place in the world. Guerrilla LLC is the manifestation of that mentality,” said Valdez.
For 2018, the company is slated to begin pre-production on a feature film (Catching Fire starring Roberto Codato), a web series (Lucy in the Sky) and a graphic novel (Spacenarcos).


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Tuesday, September 18, 2018