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A Commodity is a consumer good, a raw material, a product, which is produced by man or found in nature and which has value or utility for the markets. As an example of these we have: Wheat, soy, coffee, gold, oil, silver, copper, natural gas, etc. These have a characteristic and is that despite being produced, harvested or found naturally in various countries, all retain the same quality and price. They are governed by supply and demand.

Agricultural Products: 
Currently the main futures exchanges on agricultural goods are:
DCE (China) and CBOT (United States).
In South America, the main exchanges of agricultural goods are those of Argentina and Brazil.
The most important bags in the world where energy is traded are:
NYMEX- New York Mercantil Exchange, this exchange is part of CME Group (USA).
ICE- Intercontinental Exchange (U.K.).
TOCOM- Tokyo Commodity Exchange (Japan).
DCE- Dalian Commodity Exchange (China).
The most important exchanges on metal futures are:
LME, London Metal Exchange.
NYMEX, New York Mercantil Exchange and COMEX, Commodity Mercantil Exchange. Both are part of CME Group.
SHFE, Shanghai Futures Exchange
MCX, Multicommodity Exchange of India.
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Friday, September 28, 2018